Monday, 30 April 2012

Animation Assignments - George and El Diablo

Here are my last two animation assignments for the semester

This one had to have some dialogue and then an animal leaping through a flaming hoop into a pool.  I like the acting at the beginning and flame cycle worked out alright.

This one was a dialogue assignment in a limited animation style.  I like the timing here.

Flash Animation

Some rough animations using Flash

Weight Lifter

Monkey Bar Swinger

Rope Climber

Flash Run Cycle

For this one we had to do an actual Flash build.

Toblerone Mascot Assignment

This assignment was to design a character similar to how it might be done commercially.  Our teacher came up with a fictional "old" Toblerone mascot.

Fictional "Old" Mascot

Then we had to come up with 2 safe variations and 2 boundary pushing variations.  The safe versions were meant to be fairly close to the original versions, while the others could be pretty crazy.  We also had to colour 2 of the designs.

Safe version 1 - Pretty standard, gave him more expressive face and hands.

Safe version 2 - Rounded him out a bit, made him feel chocolaty and cuter.

Version 3 - A new take on the mascot, a fighter made of chocolate, edgier but not quite working.  He could battle different foods or chocolates.

Version 4 - I like this one, a little gnome lumberjack that cuts Toblerone bars.  Could totally see a couple of them sitting on a shelf next to a Toblerone, or in a commercial chopping down a big chocolate tree.  Plus he still has a bit of that European flair.  This one would be fun to play around with some more.

Character Design - Spaceman and Wrestle Kids

Some assignments from earlier in the year.

"Clean-up" Head Turn

"Clean-up" Mouth Shapes

Spaceman Pose

Wrestle Kids

Wrestle Kids (Rough)

These wrestle kids were for a Flash friendly design.  I like the rougher version.  I don't mind the design, but I didn't help it with the clean-up.

Toblerone Comic

No this one wasn't actually for school hehe.  We had a Toblerone design assignment which I'll post next.  If they were mascots, I thought it was kind of funny how they would be standing.  So I sketched up this little comic for fun.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tornado Dewey Davis

Time for something fun and different and not for school.

I was talking with my friend Christine and we came up with this funny idea of taking turns making up characters or something.  So here is the first one.  Christine suggested jazz and/or wallet as inspiration.

Here's what I came up with...

This is Tornado Dewey Davis.

He is a jazz musician on a traveling ship.  The ship was docked and he had the night off so he ventured into town.  He's been having a good time hanging out with the locals, playing some tunes and kicking a few back.  Unfortunately he's worked up quite a tab and has only now discovered that he no longer has his wallet or any way to pay up...

Dun Dun Duuuuun! (*Sinister music sound effect)

Alright Christine, you're up :) and if you want any words to start with let's go with....dinosaurs and/or shoes hehe.

Model Pack - Where's Watson

All right, here’s my end of term character design assignment.  The model pack had to have three characters (one male, one female, and one anthropomorphic) and a vehicle.

Here’s the story:

Reports of supernatural creatures around London are on the rise.  Many years have passed since Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson retired.  Watson now has a daughter, Maria Watson, a university student studying forensic science in Paris.  Maria returns home at Christmas and discovers that her father Dr. Watson is missing.  Maria finds Sherlock and the two begin searching for Watson, unaware that they are slowly being pulled into what might be the greatest mystery of either of their careers.

Or something like that.

Cover Page

Maria -  5 Point Turnaround

Maria Watson is the main character.

Maria - Mouth Shapes

Maria - Expressions

Maria - Poses

Leandro - Turnaround

Leandro is a vampire who also happens to be a criminal genius.  Picture a more badass vampire version of Moriarty.

Leandro - Mouth Shapes

The A-H mouth shapes are standard mouth shapes used for lip sync, and don't mean that the mouth is making the sound of A-H.

Leandro - Expressions

Leandro - Poses

The top left pose is a sequence showing the bat to human transformation.

Ferkos - Turnaround

Ferkos is a werewolf who can be incredibly vicious, but is also unexpectedly helpful.  He's a villain, but not strictly evil.  Kind of like a wolf dude version of Catwoman.

Ferkos - Mouth Shapes

Ferkos - Expressions

Ferkos - Poses

The Zoomer - Turnaround

This is the vehicle.  Excuse the dumb name, I was working down to the wire on this one.  I do like the idea though.  Maria's crime solving crew consists of one dog with a great sense of smell, another perfect for stealth missions, and a fat cat with a certain je ne sais quoi.

Character Lineup

Here is the entire crew.

Definitely some things I would like to touch up at some point, but what's here is how I handed it in.  Would be fun to try a little colouring with it though, seeing as I've got the clean-up already done.

We'll see...

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Character Timeline - Chief Rock

Character Timeline

I'm picturing him as an Aztecish, meets tropical islander type chief.

Oh and I was also trying to figure out why Blogger kept shrinking my photos.  Thankfully I solved that mystery.

Designed the main guy a while back for class.  He's the biggest one, with that big boulder hammer deal.

Then tried making a character timeline showing him as a baby, child, teen, adult, and older guy.

Then I didn't really like the designs, so I tried making them better.  I simplified and pushed the original designs.

I threw a bit of design onto the layout so that it would fit in with the rest of my portfolio.  You can check that out at if you want.