Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cold War Clash Animatic

This next one was from storyboarding class.  We all came up with our own story, did the boards, and then put them into animatic form.  Really fun.  Like doing a little short film without actually colouring or animating.  Some things I would change to make the story clearer, but hopefully it mostly makes sense.  I drew everything digitally which made the animatic easier, but certainly not easy (camera moves - i'm looking at you).  They both have sound so crank up your speakers!

Thanks for having a look!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Life Drawing: November 15th Edition

Life drawing!  Life drawing!  Hmm...haven't posted much else recently.  I'll get some other stuff up here at some point.  Probably.

Not a lot of 1s on here this time.  Mostly because I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with gestures.  I'm usually pretty happy with the gesture that I use to build up a longer pose, but as a drawing itself, I'm still trying to find the mix of roughness and completeness.

Someone left a stump of bright green and blue pastel at my spot, so I tried 'em out.

I like the hand on this one, and maybe parts of his left shoulder.

This one has some nice line weight going on.  Structure seems decent.  Probably better if I can find an eraser and dial back the disaster around his eyes.

This one felt pretty good.  Arm feels a little flat in the shoulder, but not bad.

Pop quiz hotshot:  What part of this drawing is totally made up?

Do you give up?

Here's a hint: It's one of the arms...

So I made up the left arm here.  I know it's not that big of a deal, I often change the pose a bit when drawing.  On this one I liked what was happening but was kind of annoyed because the left arm was perfectly hidden in front of the models body.  Oddly enough I think the light saber part was really there.  The arm change also affected the shoulder position and shoulder blades.

A page of 1s.

I like the feel of this one, especially the feet.

Sometimes on longer poses I struggle to find additional structure to define with line.  The usual next step is trying to busy it up with shading, but this time I tried busying it up with contours.  Then I think I redid the gesture in 10-15 seconds, which I like better.

This one came out pretty well.  Alright hands, feet, and face.  Not bad not bad.  Seated poses can be interesting because you can draw at a larger scale than a standing pose and still fit everything in.

That's it.  And to get you pumped for the next batch that's on the way...I think the next batch that's on the way are pretty good!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Life Drawing: October 26th Edition

Lots of 1 mins this time.

Tried some brush pen.  Focused more on outline.

A few 5 mins too.  Trying to find a mix of building up structure without getting too "scratchy".

Made up some costumes and tweaked the poses a bit.

Getting a little better at knees...some of the time.

A few longer poses.  Felt like I was doing a decent job building up the forms here.  Managed to stay light enough that after 10 minutes I still hadn't gone searching for an eraser.

Thanks for having a look.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Life Drawing: October 11 Edition

Just normal life drawing here..or is it!?
It's costume life drawing time!

Some of us brought in costumes and we took turns drawing each other.  We started with 1 min poses.  Definitely a lot to think about in one minute, especially with the addition of a costume and trying to design the pose, character and story.

Some of these costumes were more made up than others.  Like this one.

This was a lot of fun.  I felt like I focused more on story and personality which made it exciting and different from regular life drawing.  OK back to some regular life drawing.

Like the torque of this one.

May have pushed the perspective a little on this one.  Juuust a little bit.
More costume life drawing on the way!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Life Drawing: October 4 Edition

Life drawing from a couple weeks ago.  Working my way up to the newer stuff.  One of the side effects of looking at drawings after doing them is rarely being satisfied with them haha.  They get a little newer at the end of the post, so don't forget to scroll down.

Saw this guy in the caf on the way to life drawing.  Had to do a quick memory sketch once I had my stuff set up.  Yes, that is a metal strainer on his head.

This one was coming along alright, well except for that "hand".  Maybe she is Mrs. Captain Hook?

Still trying to figure out what works best for 1 min or less poses.

And the "odd face" returns.  Like the rest of it though.  Hmm..might be the direction of the eye lids?

"Odd face" part II

Barrels are a good substitute for stools.  Always make them feel a bit like naked pirates.

Decent drawing, too bad the pose was hand-less.

Some OK stuff going on here.  Right leg has nice rhythm.  I'll figure out knees eventually!